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Login Page

You can log in with the following role
  • Admin
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Parent

Admin Dashboard

The Dashboard will help you with its different segment. Different Segment are listed below :
  • Class

    a.) Add Subject
    b.) Add Class/Batch

  • Teacher

    a.) Teacher Registration
    b.) Teacher List

  • Time Table

    a.) Uplaod Time Table
    b.) Time Table List

  • Attendance

    a.) Attendance Managment

  • Assignment

    a.) Assignment Management

  • Student

    a.) Student Registration
    b.) Student List

  • Leave

    a.) Student Leave Management
    b.) Teacher Leave Management

  • Lecture

    a.) Lecture Management
    b.) Lecture List

  • Result

    a.) Result List/Marksheet

  • Tutorial

    a.) Tutorial Management

Student Panel

MCRA provides Student Panel where students
  • Profile View and Modify
  • Access to Video Tutorials
  • Live lecture Notifications
  • View and Download: -
    - Assignment
    - Homework
    - Timetable
    - Result/ Marksheet
  • Attendance record
  • Fees Notification
  • Apply for leave

Parent can view -

  • Student Profile
  • Test Result
  • Attendance of Student
  • Timetable & Leave of Student

Teacher Panel

Teacher Can-
  • view profile
  • take attendance of corresponding batch who is assigned by admin
  • update the attendance
  • take start and end the lecture
  • download the result and view all result
  • download the timetable and view all timetable
  • apply for own leave
  • upload assignment of student
  • change password

Student Absent Alert

In case a student gets absent on a particular day, an alert will be sent to the student’s parents informing about it.

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