Now, We will install SQL DB Services


Step – 1. First click on New SQL Server Stand Alone tab

Step – 2. Setup Support Rules

Click on next button

Step – 3. Installation Type

Please select the radio button of “Perform a new installation of SQL SERVER 2012” like this

Step – 5. License Terms Window

accept the license terms and click on next button

Step – 6. Select the Setup Role

Please check the SQL Server Feature Installation

& click on next button

Step – 7. Feature Selection

& click on next button

Step – 8. Instance Configuration

& click on next button

Step – 9. Disk Space Requirements

Step – 10. Server Configuration 

Please select Automatic in all Startup Type tab

Step – 11. Database Engine Configuration

Please select Mixed Mode radio button and enter the password “mwaindia”

next window

and click on next button

Step -12. Installation Progress

Step – 13. Complete

Installation Successfully Please click on the close button.

Step – 14. Now its time to connect

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