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Throughout our technical journey coding has played a vital role in our technical growth. In the initial phases of the Technical boom worldwide in early 90s where the Technology Tailors were stepping forward with the code blocks that changed the world drastically, in a manner we see it today. It’s not yet brimmed up and still deriving and driving the technology so furiously. In the last few couple of years we have witnessed advancement in the technology so vigorously that we have very less time to compete the world outside. Landlines to mobile devices, Cars to Flying Objects ATM to Online transactions, Artificial intelligence, Machines getting more smarter and accurate and What not. Everything has been made possible by the different codes coded by the experts.

What is Coding ?
Some would say it is complex some would find it easier to understand. we will try to explain it in a simpler way as Coding can be understood as a method to interact or instruct a machine what to do! and what steps to follow. Languages like Hindi, English, etc can be a medium to communication with other people around us, we find a variety of languages worldwide similarly we have a number of coding languages that have derived over a period of time, and today when everybody is effected due to pandemic now there is seen a gap that has to be filled up quickly. From the 1st Email sent in 1971 to now every is dependent on technology.
Let’s try to understand it better, your computer can understand in the format of “On or Off” , “Yes or No ” or we can say “One’s or Zero’s”. But when you type you type in the English language and your computer is able to understand it just because of interpreter working at the backend. It might be very interesting to know that in the very earlier times when there were walkie-talkies at the time sailors use to communicate in a similar manner with the use of flashlight.

Coding and the Digital Skill Crises in the country!
As this year is passing by and the entire picture is dependent on online methods like online transactions, online shopping or we can say on technology. moreover we are dependent on online social media platforms for keeping in touch or for our entertainment hence it becomes necessary to have a reality check. there are such platforms to use but there are less number of skilled people to manage this all.
Digitalisation is making its way into every industry in the world. New technologies and machines are changing the way organisations and their employees do their jobs. The rise of technology has disrupted traditional industries, revolutionised spending patterns and the pace of change is only getting faster. As a result, competition for the right talent is fierce. This is time where organisations has to train their people with the latest technology. so that the upcoming or current workforce is fit enough to cope up with the changing Technological trends globally.

Code effecting the education trends !
After China India is the only country with such large number of population in the entire world or we can say with the large number of young brains. Now a days it’s quite common to see Children in the age group 1-5 years or not even an year old but children gradually learn to operate the smart phones and computer systems very quickly. They are capable enough of using their dad’s mobile phone to play games, watch video or even sometimes they connect a call to anybody from the contact list even if they don’t know how to speak. In today’s generation where kids are so exposed to technology one should start introducing coding to them in very initial stages. Operating mobile and not aware of code at the back is like they can read a language but cannot write it.
More than half of India’s population is below the age of 25 and more than 65% is younger than 35. When the first Industrial Revolution unfolded across Europe and the America, India was newly colonised and missed the boat. Can India afford to miss the Fourth Industrial Revolution or India is ready to cope up with the changing trends? India has a huge opportunity ahead to become the intellectual capital of the world – and coding can be its only asset. India was once known as the ‘Golden Bird’; it’s high time we come together to ensure that India becomes the ‘Golden Coding Bird’.

Shubham Sharma

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